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Waiting for a paradigm shift: How the AASW and universities could do more for social work students

As a major employer of social workers, I have spoken to countless new graduates and  students on placement. Sadly, I have heard too many stories of placements gone wrong. Even worse, some students have told me that they set aside … Continue reading

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Members first: Why I’ll be standing for National President of the AASW this year

For the last few years the story of the AASW has been one of underachievement. When I ask many of my fellow members whether they feel they are getting value for their membership dollar, the resounding answer is “no”. To … Continue reading

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Social workers in private practice: Why the AASW should be doing more for them

The world of work has changed significantly in the last 25 years. Permanent employment is declining and casual and part time work are on the rise. Outsourcing is fashionable, and markets (we are told) can deliver whatever we need. Trade … Continue reading

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Can a corporation be socially responsible: some ethical and moral challenges for the AASW

The use of the word “corporation” in the same sentence as “social responsibility” usually conjures up cartoon-like images of global pharmaceutical firms or telecommunication giants being caught behaving immorally. But even small non- profit professional associations are not immune to … Continue reading

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Rethinking Values & Ethics in Social Work : a book review

Social workers who wish to explore the ethical dilemmas in achieving universal human rights would do well to watch the 2012 Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln. With the American Civil War winding to a close in 1865, President Lincoln, fearful that … Continue reading

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Measuring the value of AASW membership: a story of hidden potential

The real value of membership organisations is not in the knowledge they hold, but in the relationships they nurture. Cast your mind back to Australian social work in the 1950’s; specifically to the emerging group of hospital almoners in Sydney, … Continue reading

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AASW announces a record profit: an analysis of the financial statement and some strategic implications

Record Profit I took a look at the AASW financial statements for the past few years to bring you a summary of some of the salient features. (Note that references to a particular year mean financial year. For example 2016 … Continue reading

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Your guide to the AASW election results: the winners, the losers and their policies

Percentage of voters stays the same The voting electorate grew from approximately 7,600 in 2015 to 8,000 members this year. But the percentage that voted remained exactly the same, at 16%, despite pleas from some candidates (including myself) to fill … Continue reading

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AASW Election 2016: the case for change

Those of you who read my previous post analyzing the progress of the AASW strategic plan will see that I am less than impressed with how we are travelling. The current AASW Board has done much that is praiseworthy, including … Continue reading

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The AASW report card: treading water

It would have slipped under the radar of many- but the AASW has a strategic plan (Strategic Plan 2014-17). With some delving you can find it on the AASW website. And so what better way to assess the performance of … Continue reading

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