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Podcast episode 19: domestic violence- intimate partner terrorism and love: a conversation with social worker, Adele Sheridan-Magro

Adele Sheridan-Magro, my guest in this podcast, came to social work later in life. Her first degree in sociology was undertaken in her forties: specialising in women and gender studies. She was particularly taken by post-stucturalism, including the theorists Foucault, … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 18: research and clinical practice in oncology social work- a conversation with Kim Hobbs

Kim Hobbs has had a long career in oncology social work. She is now a clinical specialist social worker in gynaecological cancer at a large teaching hospital in western Sydney. Building upon a solid base of clinical care, Kim advocates … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 17: the power of making art- telling a story in one place- a conversation with art therapy lecturer, Catherine Camden-Pratt

Dr Catherine Camden Pratt is a Lecturer in Art Therapy in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University. Catherine’s clinically-led teaching is informed by her private art therapy practice in which she works mainly with women, … Continue reading

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The case against AASW constitutional changes: why and how to vote NO

The AASW, in an email broadcast is claiming that this blog post contains “false information” and “alternative facts”. I find this deeply hurtful. I am strongly committed to our code of ethics, social justice and participatory democracy. I will let … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 16: universal basic income- fixing inequality and mending our social fabric? An interview with Dr Ben Spies-Butcher

The notion of a universal basic income (UBI) is gaining increasingly favourable attention from both the the left and right of politics. Small and seemingly favourable trials have occurred in some countries. To find out more about UBI I spoke … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 15: Work- what is it good for? A conversation with Nick Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University

I sought out Nick Smith for this conversation because of my interest in the future of work. Nick has recently co-authored a book entitled The Return of Work in Critical Theory According to the blurb, “The book presents a bold … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 14: ‘open dialogue’- a potential revolution in mental health care? an interview with Professor Niels Buus

There is growing  dissatisfaction with the care provided by state run mental heath services across the western world. This forms part of the context  for my conversation with Niels Buus,  the Professor of Mental Health Nursing at the Sydney Nursing … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 13: Can Facebook be a vehicle for democracy and social justice? An interview with social worker, Beni McKenzie

This episode is a conversation with Beni Mackenzie one of the founders of the Australian Social Work Changemakers Facebook page. The page was born of conversations amongst some social workers attending the 2013 AASW National Symposium. The purpose of the … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 12: crisis – what crisis?… an interview with social work academic Shirley Ledger on the place of field education in social work

Shirley Ledger started her working life as an enrolled nurse in a small hospital in rural Queensland. Realising that nursing was not for her she became involved in youth work and domestic violence services. Years later ironically, she found herself … Continue reading

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Podcast episode 11: adventures in private practice – an interview with Suzanne Doorakkers-Sprague

This episode is a conversation with Suzanne Doorakkers Sprague, a social worker with a large and thriving private practice in Geelong, where she employs 8 staff in several locations. Her road to social work was a long one- coming via … Continue reading

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