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The AASW election: policy, character, and ethics as a political weapon

I had hoped that this election would be fought on policy, leadership and vision, rather than casting aspersions on the character and competence of myself and other candidates. Back in 2010 I was one of the National Vice Presidents of … Continue reading

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Your guide on how to vote members first

I have posted a short video on Facebook to help intending voters to sort the substantial policies from the motherhood statements and the cliches. and this is our how to vote guide.  

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Lynne Harrold: AASW election statement

Australian social work is teetering on a precarious tsunami of systemic change. We can choose to ride the crest of change, invigorating our profession as we do so, or get dumped and swamped in a sea of passivity. We have … Continue reading

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Some KPI’s for the AASW: Improving member engagement

The value of membership is engagement in member networks. If the AASW were to hold itself to a third party social responsibility standard, the most relevant would probably be ISO 26000:2010, Guidance on Social Responsibility. “Some stakeholders are an integral … Continue reading

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Why aren’t more social work students joining the AASW?

 This year there are approximately 14,500 students enrolled in social work across Australia; a staggering number! (the entire membership of the AASW is only 10,000). In 2017 we can expect around 1,200 graduates from qualifying masters programs, and 1,700 from … Continue reading

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Waiting for a paradigm shift: How the AASW and universities could do more for social work students

As a major employer of social workers, I have spoken to countless new graduates and  students on placement. Sadly, I have heard too many stories of placements gone wrong. Even worse, some students have told me that they set aside … Continue reading

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Five reasons why workplace bullies survive and thrive: And what we can do about it

In 2015, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons went through a serious soul searching exercise following some alarming reports of bullying in the profession. The College commissioned an independent report that contained shocking findings. These included, 49% of Fellows, trainees … Continue reading

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Seven reasons to abstain from approving amendments to the AASW Constitution

At the AASW 2015 AGM a number of constitutional amendments are being proposed. These proposals were the subject of a discussion paper in March this year and comments were invited. One could reasonably have expected, at the very least, that … Continue reading

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Living in dystopia: ten tips for reconnecting the personal and the political

Heading into town, by the fire sign, up ahead one mile Mum and naked child by the highway Flash four-wheel drive, I only want a ride to the other side. Don’t try and hide behind your window I bet your weekly wage … Continue reading

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The death of Chloe Valentine: the future of professional social work in child protection

In January 2012, four year old Chloe Valentine died in appalling circumstances at the hands of her mother and her mother’s partner. Both were found guilty of manslaughter and jailed. During her short life Chloe was the subject of many … Continue reading

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