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An open letter to social work academics: please stand up for publicly funded education

Dear Heads of the Schools of Social Work and Senior Academics As you know, the enthusiasm of Vice Chancellors for the proposed “reforms” of higher education certainly does not reflect the views of many academics or students. These reforms will … Continue reading

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Moral failures and market failures: why we should abandon intercountry adoption

In April this year the Centre for Independent Studies (independent of what?) published a scathing attack by Jeremy Sammut on current out of home care policies. His argument is as follows, Child protection data for 2012–13 show that Australia’s OOHC … Continue reading

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The road from citizen to consumer: outsourcing altruism

Back in May, Tony Nicholson, the Executive Director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence gave a speech on the future of the community welfare sector. He said in part, I want to consider the path our community welfare sector will … Continue reading

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Nauru child abuse investigation: AASW President asks some pointed questions

AASW President Professor Karen Healy has written an excellent piece for Crikey that you can find here- She deftly exposes the lack of investigatory power or skill of the public servant appointed to deal with the matter. For those … Continue reading

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Social work membership: the guardians at the gate

On October 4th I published the following post from Louise Whitfield Hi Vittorio . I am impressed with your views on self regulation, connection and alliance. I previously was a member of the AASW for five years. My qualifications are … Continue reading

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