Members first: Why I’ll be standing for National President of the AASW this year

hands clapping presentation sizeFor the last few years the story of the AASW has been one of underachievement.

When I ask many of my fellow members whether they feel they are getting value for their membership dollar, the resounding answer is “no”.

To turn this around we need policies that put members first. That includes,

  1. Meaningful engagement with fellow members and a real say in policy development. We must make it easy for members to connect with each other. We need an AASW social media app for our phones and tablets.
  2. Transparency and accountability on how members fees are spent
  3. Better support of our private practitioners
  4. The development of more specialties and pathways to advanced practice
  5. A coherent national framework for CPD
  6. A mentoring scheme for new graduates
  7. Targeted marketing of our profession to government an employers
  8. Stronger and more collaborative relationships with higher education

Leading up to the AASW election this September, the #membersfirst team (including Lynne Harrold and Julianne Whyte) will be elaborating and promoting these policies.

This is a pivotal year in the life of the social work profession, and there will be a big voter turnout.

Help us get elected; not just by voting for #membersfirst- ask to join our campaign team  on Facebook.

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7 Responses to Members first: Why I’ll be standing for National President of the AASW this year

  1. Mark Wilder says:

    This is a very good summary of the many issues as I see them too Vittorio.

  2. Bernie Chatley says:

    Particular support for Policy proposal no. 2 – Transparency & accountability …

  3. It’s is indeed very poor that GPs are still so uninformed about AMH social workers provision of Medicare rebated services. Given the undersupply of mental health professionals in many areas of Australia, and the greater affordability of AMH social workers compared to psychologists, it is in everyone’s best interests that AMH social worker services are promoted to GPs and the general public. The AASW should be leading the way here.

  4. Veronica Pym says:

    I have written to complain about this already and got a lame reply. I am tired of having psychologists say that the AASW missed the boat whereas their association did it right. We are doing the same job if not better for much less pay, in government jobs as well as in private practice. We don’t get the referrals they get because GPs don’t know what we do.. We are looked down upon, and end up lower in the hierarchy ladder in organisations.
    Time to act!

  5. Julie Richardson says:

    Good on you Vittorio, their service is really bad too. I had to phone three times before they sent some information
    they had promised.

  6. Great points.

    I would also like to see more Social Workers working with GP’s as is currently being promoted in the UK. Not necessarily AMH Social Workers but those who are there for health care co-ordination and advocacy.
    Social Work is just not about mental heath. There are so many more facets to Social Work that has been left behind. It’s about advocacy, social justice and fighting for those without a voice. There are plenty of opportunities within Aged Care and NDIS but little employment.

  7. Louise Whitfield says:

    Good luck Vittorio. I hope you are voted in and make these changes. I have colleagues whom work under the medicare scheme as mental health counsellors. They can have up to 9 clients per day or more and do not get to debrief or talk to anyone about their client’s. Recipe for burnout.!! I feel it would be great for AASW to provide support and government to these workers.I believe you would provide dynamic and inteligent voice to the AASW board.

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