Walking into a room of social workers always raises my spirits

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Walking into a room of social workers always raises my spirits. It could be a seminar, a supervision group, or a lunch; it doesn’t matter, I feel at home. I know I’m with a group of people who aim to make the world a better place; a group of people committed to continually honing their knowledge and skills; who share a culture, a code of ethics; a group of people who cooperate, collaborate and leave no colleague behind. This is the true value of being a social worker.

Whatever the AASW is, and whatever it does, it must recognise and nurture this value. It must create opportunities for social workers to gather together, in person and in digital space, to meet, learn and share. The success of the AASW should be measured in large part by the number of members it has helped to connect in meaningful networks.

This is the guiding principle behind the #membersfirst election policy platform.

Please join me and my #membersfirst colleagues, Lynne Harrold and Julianne Whyte. We need your support in the 2017 AASW elections- so that we can raise the true value of AASW membership.

Our Policies include,

  • Meaningful engagement with fellow members and a real say in policy development. We must make it easy for members to connect with each other through an AASW social media app on our phones and tablets
  • More transparency and accountability on how members fees are spent
  • Better support of our private practitioners
  • Stronger advocacy for low paid members working in NGO’s
  • The development of more specialties and pathways to advanced practice
  • A coherent national framework for CPD
  • Targeted marketing of our profession with government an employers
  • Stronger and more collaborative relationships with higher education
  • A free mentoring scheme for students and new graduates,
  • An AASW student club on every campus and a National AASW student advisory body
  • collaborating with trade unions and consumer groups around issues of mutual interest to our members

Join our campaign team

For those who strongly agree with our policies- you can ask to join our campaign team on Facebook by clicking on our campaign team link.

Find out more about us

You can go to our open Facebook conversation group- like and follow us; put questions to our candidates and join the discussion.

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