Podcast episode 18: research and clinical practice in oncology social work- a conversation with Kim Hobbs

podcts whit text psdKim Hobbs has had a long career in oncology social work. She is now a clinical specialist social worker in gynaecological cancer at a large teaching hospital in western Sydney.

Building upon a solid base of clinical care, Kim advocates for improved psychosocial support services for all people with cancer and their families, friends and caregivers. She believes that psychosocial care should be a key component of comprehensive cancer care throughout treatment and recovery.

As a practitioner-researcher she has been involved in collaborative research projects, in psycho-oncology, including highlighting the needs of carers: demonstrating the power of group support: acknowledging and working with sexual issues: and understanding the qualities that leaders need in cancer support groups.

Kim believes that social work has important things to say about our contribution to psycho- oncology. She reminds us that social work caseloads reflect the marginalized and under-served: the disadvantaged, the poor: and the socially isolated.

Her research interests have led to several publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and she has authored and co-authored three chapters in two recently published Australian books.

Our conversation covers her clinical and research career in oncology as well as an illuminating visit to a palliative care service in Denmark.

Her message to medical leaders in the field has been simple; “you did the clever operation, we’re the ones who make their life worth living”.

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