Just Another Do-Gooder podcast- episode one: leaving christian fundamentalism

podcts whit text psdLeaving Christian Fundamentalism

Welcome to episode one of Just Another Do-Gooder.

I aim to bring you in depth interviews with social workers from across Australia,  as well as commentary and interviews from the realms of politics culture and human services.

In this episode I will be bringing you an interview with Josie Mcskimming, followed by some commentary on how we are being used and abused by social media. You may find yourself -like me- in surprising agreement with billionaire investor George Soros.

But now to my first guest Josie McSkimming – who has written a fascinating book based on her Phd.

Its title;  Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Reconstruction of Identity, and you can find it on Amazon.

The research project on which the book is based explores the stories of 20 volunteer subjects who have left Christian fundamentalist churches, their experiences  of how power operates in those churches, and how those people changed after they left.

The book is made all the richer by Josie frankly sharing some elements of her own story in leaving her church.

Josie is an adjunct lecturer at UNSW,  She ‘s previously worked in post-adoption services, couple and relationship therapy and drug and alcohol counselling. She has been in private practice for the last 18 years , specialising in adult mental health, addiction issues, relationship counselling and clinical supervision.


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One Response to Just Another Do-Gooder podcast- episode one: leaving christian fundamentalism

  1. Well Vittorio and Josie I’m now a convert – of podcasts – at least quality ones such as these. I have such a ferocious need for the disengagement Josie speaks of – creating space for contemplation and imagination – which has the unfortunate side effect of being somewhat cut off at times.

    I have so enjoyed this conversation that I welcome the thought of listening to many more of Vittorio’s podcasts. It’s like experiencing the richness of a deeply interesting one to one while also appreciating the nourishment of solitude.

    With reference to the core theme – I relate to this strongly. I was once a Christian Fundamentalist (as astonishing as this is now to me) and align myself now with secular Buddhism. I value the ethics of the eightfold path but would not profess to fully abide by them. I am not an atheist but not hugely spiritual other than respecting the interconnected energy of all life forms. If I worship anything it is nature.

    I’m by no means intolerant of other people’s orientations, beliefs and religious persuasions but I do appreciate this tolerance to be reciprocated.

    Josie and Vittorio thank you both for an intelligent, engaging and softly powerful discussion.

    Regards, Felicity

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